Join us from October 26th - November 2nd 2019

Join us from October 26th - November 2nd 2019


Gary Sheffield In Haig's Shadow: Brigadier-General Hugo de Pree and the First World War

Sunday 27th October
5:30pm The Methodist Church (Newbury Street)

Everyone has heard of WW1 commander Field Marshal Haig but his cousin, Hugo De Pree, also served and commanded during that epic conflict. Beginning his military career in the Boer War De Pree later led 189 Brigade into the Battle of the Somme; controversially refusing to lead his troops into an attack which he knew would serve no purpose and would lead to massive casualties. This decision briefly lost him his command but he was later reinstated as commander of the 38th (Welsh) Division with whom he served out the rest of the war with distinction.

Drawing on letters and other family documents as well as his own extensive knowledge of the era, Festival stalwart Prof. Gary Sheffield brings to life the amazing story of a man who, despite rising to the rank of Major-General, will always be overshadowed by his more famous, and infamous, cousin.



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